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No worries if you lack dexterity!

No worries if you lack dexterity!

Do you want to give a handmade gift but lack dexterity? With the ÉnSzobrom hand sculpture set, you don't even need it. By carefully reading the instructions and having a bit of patience, you can create a wonderful gift for family, friends, or even colleagues.



Why no dexterity?


Because everything you need is included in the set, and if you follow the instructions, you can't go wrong with your unique hand sculpture. All it takes is a little patience, determination, and curiosity. It doesn't matter how skilled you were in art class, whether the art teacher singled you out, or if you've ever worked with clay before. None of that knowledge is necessary here. You'll create a one-of-a-kind, detailed hand sculpture that will become a lasting memory for both you and the recipient.


Going solo?


Do you want the hand sculpture to feature only your hand? If so, then yes. The materials provided in the kit set quickly, but not so fast that you won't have time to prepare, mix, and take the sample yourself. However, ensure you thoroughly read the guide and have everything ready at hand. There's no time for hesitation. It's beneficial to prepare for each step in advance. Relax, it won't be overwhelming; we don't want to intimidate you.

Of course, there are occasions where a single hand sculpture suffices, but consider making a pair of hand sculptures. The joy lies not only in the finished artwork but also in creating it together.


Even kids can do it!


With a little assistance in mixing the ingredients, even a 7-8-year-old child can easily create a hand sculpture. If they can do it, so can you, right?

Attention! Children can only create the sculpture under parental supervision! Recommended age: 16 years.



ÉnSzobrom kézszobor készítő szett, egyedi ajándék mindenkinek


What should be taken care of?


Pay attention to the correct sequence and follow the instructions carefully. Ensure that the water used for mixing the sampling material is at the correct temperature. Prior to pressing your hands into the pudding-like sampling powder, ensure they are clean. Once the sampling material has solidified into a rubbery consistency, carefully remove your hands and proceed to pour in the mixed ceramic powder.

Pour the ceramic powder slowly into the mold, gently shaking it to allow air bubbles to rise to the surface. Once the mold is filled, exercise patience while the material sets within your hand sculpture. After approximately an hour, you can delicately begin removing the sampling rubber from the statue.

Handle with care to avoid damaging your creations! For smaller details where the rubber adheres to the hand sculpture, use a smoothing stick to gently release the rubber.


Why should you try it?


Creating a unique hand sculpture is not just a creative and enjoyable activity, but also a meaningful way to preserve memories. It can serve as a wonderful group activity with family and friends, fostering bonds and creating unforgettable experiences.

The finished sculpture can make a perfect gift for any occasion or serve as a distinctive decoration in your home.