The Original Hand Sculpting Kits - Since 2016!

With our hand sculpting kits, you can easily and quickly create a lasting sculpture of your child's feet or hands. These finished works serve as an eternal memory of childhood, preserving your child's handprint forever. They make valuable gifts for the family, cherished for generations.

Our kits use environmentally friendly and child-safe materials. The natural ingredients ensure that both your child and nature are well cared for.

Capture precious moments with our original hand sculpting kits and create timeless keepsakes that celebrate the beauty of childhood.

Feel the Moment Even Years Later!

Monitoring the development of children is a wonderful experience for every parent. Photographs and children's artworks evoke pleasant memories even after many years. While baby photos and clothes preserve the happiest moments of life, there's an even more expressive solution: making hand sculptures.
With the help of TogetherHands 3D hand sculpture kits, you can capture the most wonderful moments in a tangible form. These kits allow you to create playful footprints and handprints of your child or grandchild, so decades later, you can still feel the hands of your babies in your own, and they can look back at what it was like to be a small child.
The completed hand sculptures provide a heart-warming experience for parents and children, and great entertainment for new parents. The TogetherHands sculpting packages contain everything you will need for the creation process. You don't need any special artistic talent; every parent can make a detailed, realistic sculpture.
Hand sculptures are not only memories but also great home decorations. With the creative packages, children's hands or feet can be reproduced in incredible detail, adding a special touch to any home.
Capture and cherish those precious moments with our hand sculpture kits, and enjoy a unique, lasting memory that will warm your heart for years to come.