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This is how Katalin's hand statuette was made

This is how Katalin's hand statuette was made

We receive countless customer feedback in our webshop and on our social media pages. I asked one of our customers, Katalin, to tell me what was the best experience for them and how they made their family's hand sculpture together. Katalain is a great storyteller, I hope I can share her inspiring and fun story with you.



An unforgettable experience unfolded for Katalin and her family when they decided to embark on a hand sculpture making adventure together. It all started on a Tuesday afternoon when Katalin surprised her family with a hand sculpture making kit ordered from the TogetherHands webshop. The set arrived promptly within two days, and they eagerly began their creative journey on a Saturday afternoon, not as a gift for someone else, but simply to create a cherished memory together.


The First Steps


Opening the box was an exciting moment in itself for Katalin and her family. Inside, they found everything they needed neatly organized, accompanied by a detailed instruction manual that provided clear guidance through each step of the process. Everyone eagerly participated, including Katalin's husband, Péter, and their two children, Anna (7 years old) and Máté (5 years old).


The Joy of Joint Creation


Their adventure started with preparing the negative mold, which turned out to be their favorite part of the process. Katalin shared that they were a bit nervous initially, as none of them had ever made a mold before. The "smötyi," as the children affectionately called it, was smooth and sticky, pleasantly surprising them with its nice color and lack of strong odor. However, they couldn't help but wonder what would happen if they got their hands stuck in it. Katalin fondly recalled, "It was so funny seeing Máté hold his little hand so seriously in the mold, while Anna kept teasing him that he wouldn't be able to take it out!"

Working with the skin-friendly and safe materials provided in the set was easy and enjoyable for the whole family. Once the mold was ready, they mixed the ceramic powder together and poured it into the mold. "Pouring the powder into the mold felt like magic was happening," Katalin remarked with excitement.

Their journey into creating a hand sculpture together was not just about crafting a physical object but also about bonding over a shared activity filled with laughter, curiosity, and joy. It was a day that Katalin and her family would remember fondly as they created a tangible symbol of their togetherness and love.

This experience with the TogetherHands hand sculpture set exemplified how a simple activity could turn into a cherished memory that brings families closer together, capturing a moment in time that they could revisit with smiles for years to come.


The result


After patiently waiting for the ceramic to solidify, Katalin and her family carefully opened the mold to unveil their hand sculpture—a touching depiction of their intertwined hands. "It was amazing to see that even the smallest details were captured, like the butterfly-shaped nail tattoo on Anna's little finger or Péter's unique fingerprints," Katalin recounted with delight. Together, they decided to add their personal touch by painting the sculpture.

The hand sculpture transcended being a mere object; it became a cherished memory that would forever remind them of that special afternoon. "I believe the joy we felt in creating together and the time spent bonding meant a lot to all of us, and I'm confident the kids will cherish this memory even as adults when they look at the sculpture," Katalin reflected warmly. "Because it will last until then, right?" she added, seeking reassurance.

I assured her that as long as it was carefully kept, their hand sculpture would indeed endure, preserving the essence of their family bond for years to come.


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Why should you try it?


Choosing a TogetherHands hand sculpture set offers more than just creating a unique memory; it brings the family closer together. The experience of crafting together and the time spent bonding are invaluable. Each set includes all the essential materials, ensuring that anyone—from children to couples to larger families—can easily craft their own hand sculpture.

Katalin's story vividly demonstrates that making hand sculptures is not only enjoyable but also a meaningful way to preserve lasting memories.

If you're eager to participate in such an unforgettable experience, select a set and give it a try! The joy of creating together is guaranteed!