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Can I also take a sample of a dog paw?

Can I also take a sample of a dog paw?

It's important to note that the materials included in the package are suitable for creating sculptures, but attempting to use them on your pets by grabbing their feet and forcing them into a bucket is not recommended.


If your dog, cat, or any other animal is patient enough, you can certainly give it a try. The sampling material may stick to fur slightly, but can be rinsed off with cold water. If your pet is nervous, achieving a perfect pattern can be challenging. Make sure to firmly hold the paw and, if possible, press it into the sampling material with your hand supporting it. For instance, by placing your dog's paw in your hand with the pads facing outward and pressing it into the material, you can achieve better results.


Be cautious with cats and other pets prone to biting and scratching! Before starting, test if your pet will tolerate having its feet dipped in water and held there briefly!


One more important detail: ensure your pet's paws are clean and free of dust before sampling!