I have artificial nails, can I do it too?

I have artificial nails, can I do it too?

Yes, that's fine. You'll just need to be a bit more careful, especially if your nails are very long, to ensure they don't protrude too much during the process.


You can achieve a very nice result even with long artificial nails, but pay attention to a few details! No matter how good the ceramic powder is, long, thin elements may get damaged when removing them from the mold. If you want to avoid risking broken nails, bend your fingers during the sculpture-making process so they snugly fit against your partner's hand and don't protrude.


Here's another small tip: grown-out gel nails and nail polish will also be visible! Even the shape of nail stickers. Consider these factors when preparing your hand sculpture manicure. For men, it's advantageous not to trim nails too close to the skin for the most aesthetic result; nails grown to 2-3 millimeters achieve the best look.