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A gift for you




Do you have a good video of your hand sculpture? It is now worth 3.000 HUF!





Would you like to get your next order significantly cheaper? Get more out of the TogetherHands experience! Now, in exchange for a little creativity, we offer an unparalleled discount!

Share your creativity with us by submitting a photo or video of your TogetherHands hand sculpture creation, along with a brief description of your experience. By participating, you can receive a substantial discount on your next order.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to save while enjoying the art of creating lasting memories with TogetherHands!



The Essence of the Offer


If you are already the proud owner of a finished TogetherHands hand sculpture, please share a short video with us showing either the unboxing of your package or the process of making the sculpture.

In return, we will give you HUF 3,000 as a gift!



Video Criteria

  • Duration: The length of the video must be at least 30 seconds, but not more than 120 seconds.
  • Personality: We want to see you in the video to get to know one of our happy customers.
  • Narration: Tell the story in the video! Talk about the statue, your first impressions, or why you chose it.
  • Creativity: Be funny, unique, or just touching. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Information: Please mention at the beginning of the video that you ordered from TogetherHands, and at the end of the video, repeat and add the address of our website (TogetherHands - www.togetherhands.hu).


Why Should You Participate?

This fantastic opportunity is not only about saving a larger amount on your next purchase, but also gives you the chance, as a member of our community, to share your experiences with others, inspiring them. It's also a great way to express your creative side and create fun content while supporting us.

How Can You Participate?

Send us the video to the email address hello@togetherhands.hu using MammutMail (large videos cannot be attached to a traditional email):

  1. Open Mammutmail by clicking here - >> OPEN MAMMUTMAIL <<.
  2. Enter your email address and our email address (hello@togetherhands.hu) correctly.
  3. Enter the ID of your order in the message so that we know who sent the video.
  4. Attach the video to be uploaded.
  5. Send the email by clicking the Send button.

Thank you for participating and sharing your TogetherHands experience!